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About goji plants

Goji are Chinese origin and Tibet. These plants tolerate very harsh conditions and extreme temperatures of the soil. Goji plant, the first two years stand up to -23 degrees Celsius followed that with their growing maturity resistance down to -40 degrees Celsius and heat highs can reach 38 degrees Celsius. 
To set up one hectare plantation of goji, you need 3300 plants, plant them at a distance of 2 meters between rows and a distance of 1 meter between plants. It is preferable that the land is shown and discussed before. The best time for planting is in spring and autumn. Goji plants need very much sun, the first 6 months after planting requires maximum care to make sure that it goes well. They need soil moisture, as well as clean layer of weeds. It is preferable to use a layer of organic manure every 3-4 weeks during the first 6 months of life of the plant. 
Goji plants flourish in June and the fruit appears in early august. Their flowers are pollinated by bees, and looks very much like currants.
Goji fruits  are so called fruit of eternal youth and beauty, many Hollywood personalities  use daily these fruits due to its high vitamin C.

Our company is located in Romania and we can deliver goji plants all over European Union.
10 plants, price 100 euro
20 plants price 192 euro
50 plants,  price 434 EURO
100 plants, price 835 EURO
3300 plants, price 24000 EURO (for 1 hectare)
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