miercuri, 7 noiembrie 2012

Goji benefits

We could list the following benefits for consuming goji:

- Prolongs life - unique polysaccharide molecules and its antioxidant properties prevent premature aging and fight free radicals.
-Increases energy and endurance - believed to be a first class adaptogen, goji increases exercise tolerance, stamina and endurance. Helps to eliminate fatigue, especially for convalescents.
-Makes you look and feel younger - stimulates secretion by the pituitary gland, growth hormone (HCH), also called hormone of youth. The benefits of this hormone are numerous and include reduced adiposity, improved sleep, memory, accelerated healing, improving libido and giving a younger appearance.
-Reduces blood pressure - a 1998 study shows that molecules of polysaccharides in goji help prevent hypertension.
-Prevents degeneration of the immune system - is one of the few plants in the world that contain germanium, a metalloid cancer. Antioxidants and unique polysaccharides can halt its suspected Gentle mutations destroy the defense system.
-Maintain a low level of bad cholesterol in the blood by betasitoserol it contains.
-Balances blood sugar - used in China for many years in treating blood sugar balancing amount.
-Improve your sex life.
- Helps you lose weight.
-Treats Headaches.
-Protects eyes.
-Strengthens the heart.
-Improves the immune system.
-Protects DNA.
-Stops tumors.
-Reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
-Lymphocytes increases.
-Fight inflammation joints and muscles.
-Protects the liver.
-Treats menopausal symptoms.
-Avoid nausea in pregnant.
-Improve fertility.
-Strengthens kidney health.
-Improves digestion.
-Helps you to stop smoking, goji may fall into the category of elements that provide a gentle withdrawal without nicotine. In fact, goji has an effective cleaning power undeniable. It is famous because it can remove heavy metals from the body gradually. Nicotine has no resistance to goji.   

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