marți, 6 noiembrie 2012

Selling goji plants

We take orders for goji plants for spring 2013.
 (our company , S.C Agro Oprea Industry S.R.L , is located in Romania , Arad)
The order is considered confirmed after you have paid a deposit of 20% of its value.

10 plants, Price 100 Euro
20 plants, price 192 euro
50 plants, price 434 euro
100 plants, price 835 Euro 
3300 price 24,370 euro
General Information:
- after 1 year you can obtain 1 kg of fruit per plant;
-each year, the plant grows;
-after year 4 will result  4500 kg per hectare dried fruit;
-price of 1 kg of dried fruit is approx. 100 euro
-sun dry fruits;
-on 1 ha you can plant 3300 plants.
email: (we will respond  immediately)

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