marți, 6 noiembrie 2012

Goji plants caring

Goji plant will grow about 90 cm in the first year, then it is advisable to cut tops, to get a plant dense as possible. The next year, the plant should have 6 main branches. Other branches, cut them. Since March, the plant shall not be cutted. In the first year it is possible around one kg of fruits / plant, quantity will rise every year, so the plant will reach maximum production, after year 4.
In Year 4 you will get a harvest of about 4500 kg per hectare dried fruit each year. For 20 years, do not need maintenance other than the crop works. The plant blooms in April and May, and the harvest is in August and September. Goji berries are dried in the sun or in the oven for 3 hours at 40 degrees. Goji juice is obtained by cold pressing the fruit.

Our company is located in Romania and we can deliver goji plants all over European Union.
10 plants, price 100 euro
20 plants price 192 euro
50 plants,  price 434 EURO
100 plants, price 835 EURO
3300 plants, price 24000 EURO (for 1 hectare)
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